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For Pregnant Women

Dental care for pregnant women

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Oral health can vary during pregnancy, pregnant women often will feel extra conscious about their physical well-being because they are aware the health of the unborn child is dependent on how she takes care of herself. During pregnancy dental treatment may be modified but need not be withheld provided that proper risk assessment is made for both the patient and the fetus. If you are pregnant please check atleast once with dentist

Dental care for pregnant women.

Dental care for pregnant women

Pregnancy causes profound and remarkable changes in all organ systems and this can manifest as changes to your oral environment. There will often be an increase in total body water content and increase in blood plasma volume. The clotting effects of blood are enhanced and this can lead to conditions such as deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary edema. Proper monitoring by your medical doctor is essential to prevent the above and other potential conditions. Your hearts capacity increases and your respiratory capacity can decrease.

Dental care for pregnant women

All in all, the pregnant women that presents for dental care at our office requires special consideration. The management of these patient at St. Lawrence Dentistry may require the alteration in the timing and type of dental treatment as well as modification of drugs prescribed.

The key to managing your oral health during this period is the understanding these changes and how important an augmented oral care routine is. You will find your gums may be bleeding more during pregnancy because hormone levels change considerably during all trimesters. Gums can become inflamed and bleed more easily, even by simple brushing. This is due to changes in mouth bacteria that feed on the extra hormones secreted during pregnancy, and in the overall increase of fluid levels in the body as the pregnancy progresses. Regular professional dental cleanings are an important part of reducing the inflammation that can occur during pregnancy. You many even find after the pregnancy your gums continue to bleed as your body recovers.

Pregnancy can be a period of frequent vomiting for some women and this can impact oral health. Stomach acid can damage the surface of your teeth and promote tooth decay. we recommend to rinse with water right after a vomiting event and not brush right away, since doing so tends to brush the acids into the teeth. If vomiting is really severe, you can rinse with a neutralizing rinse made by adding a teaspoon of baking soda to room-temperature water and swishing, then spitting.

It is common for women to sometimes jokingly ask us if it’s true that each pregnancy causes the loss of a tooth. This of course is just an old tale past on through many generations. The calcium needed to make your baby’s teeth comes directly from your diet, not from your own teeth. However, if you don’t get enough calcium while pregnant, your body will provide this essential mineral from the calcium in your bones, putting your bones at risk. The best source of nutrients is a well-balanced diet, with a wide variety of fruits, vegetables and dairy products. This can be difficult to achieve if a you are suffering for nausea and vomiting. You may want to consider asking your obstetrician what additional supplements may be needed.

Establishing a healthy oral environment is the most important objective in the planning of dental care in the pregnant patient. This objective is achieved by adequate dental cleaning, comprised of tooth brushing, flossing, and professional hygienist visits.

Dental care for pregnant women

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Dental care for pregnant women

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Dental care for pregnant women

Dental care for pregnant women